God has gifted all of us with talents  
    Reach - Swasraya helps these not-so-blessed children of God to recognize their talents  
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  Special Child Development Centre
  For nearly three decades, Reach(Society for Remedial Education Assessment counseling Handicapped) has tried to add meaning to the lives of childrenwho are differently-abled.
  The organisation added the swasraya centre for South India in Thrissur, in 1991, with 5 hearing impaired girls;the centre began in Shanta Menon's home and is now in it's own building in Kuttur; Shanta's first exposure to disability was through her sister who suffered brain damage due to injury.
  It is clear that not enough is done for 10% of India's population that is physically and mentally challenged.
  In the West,many such individuals are fully integrated into the rest of society and even perform challenging jobs like watch and precision scientific instrument manufacturing.
  Reach-swasraya has not only helped challenged children grow into confident adults but have seen to it that they are financially independent, too. At present the institution has 175 students.
  Credentials of Founders
Purobie Bose, Exeecutive Director,Reach,has a doctorate in Special Education form University of Norway. She worked at the Oral School for the Deaf from 1969-1981 and then founded Reach in 1981.
Shanta Menon,director,has a post-graduate degree in sociology from Kamaraj University and a post-gruduate diploma in Special Education from Reach. She worked at Reach since inception and then started the centre in South India in 1991.
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